Hang Gliding and Paragliding
in the
Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma!


I was recently in Fort Smith visiting relatives and I got the opportunity to check out a few of the local flying spots in Arkansas & Oklahoma (Nebo, Magazine & Heavener to name a few). You guys are lucky! I was really impressed by the area!

After a search of suitable PG launches and LZ's, I finally decided on Heavener (the best match for my ability & skill).

Dana "Dan" Cantu

February, 13, 2005

Mel had waited a good two hours with his glider set up behind the Pines atop Heavener Mountain, awaiting the 20mph plus gusts to subside.  Finally at launch he had to stare down only a couple of gusts approaching 20 mph. 

Take a look at how nice the Roll-off launch is at Heavener.  Great for Hang 2’s and very nice for Paragliders.  And all those beautiful clouds... Just a typical February day in the Ouachita Mountains.

Mel launches with a diving pass at the photographer.

30 seconds later Mel has become a part of the Skyscape.

Aaron awaits his launch window.  This will be his highest wind launch. 

Aaron nails the launch!

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